Monday, June 4, 2012

What I need for single time free Astrological Prediction.

Note:- We have no interest to know who you are and what you are doing, whether belong to Royal Family or from lower status, your education, exam, diseases, profession, or anything, so, do say nothing about yourself before my prediction even questions inside your brain which you want to ask me or any predictor. Let me read and write to you what God/Cosmos says on you, listen to it from me, and later if you consider it worthy to impute more time as everything written seems perfect to your experiences could ask your question or clarification if I would skip any aspect due to time limit.

What I need for single time free Astrological Prediction.

It is free astrological prediction facility for all in order to compare my predictions, thoughts & interpretation ability with others. I consider that my prediction is 100% accurate; one can experience it for free. Before providing birth details (Date. Month, Year, Time, Am/Pm, Place of Birth, gender and mail id) one should know that, I will take @ 1 or 2 days to predict where one could realize His(God's) designed events on path of your life. I assume that my first prediction will be enough, so, you should be honest and add yourself to this Blog and could ask for an account number to donate a token of appreciation if you think so, Incase you need more or a detailed prediction it will cost one Rs 2000/- the best part being that you shall have 2 to 3 years of prediction This is required to support my organization to serve more people for free to realize God and Sub-God and Goddess or the logic behind Idol worship of Hinduism (whether there is a destiny controlled by God / the effects of the planets & stars that we are bound to face as we inherit these from our previous birth, and how could we explore those situations to do the best within these compulsion utilizing our reasoning or restricted free-will). You may remind me after 1 day or call me 91+9938303263 to answer you as online if my response was to delay.

If you want to know more You may continue to read…

We are here for everyone like you, we are here to challenge any challenger, we are here, to prove whether God exists or not to modern or so-called extra-intellectuals, but we can’t waste our time with fake details, nor we could predict more family members or friends of anyone. To avoid restricting self within a small place and to explore this tiniest planet to serve my unknown friends I will not entertain anyone of my state Orissa to avail this facility, as I served thousands since 1990.

1. “TELE-PHONE NUMBER COMPULSORY One may call to the above mentioned telephone number or send message via sms or whatsapp for confirmation and record to detect whether free prediction given before or ignore fake data. If one would like to hide his or her identity, then may also could call my number from any of his or her friends or relative’s phone which we need to save as evidence to achieve A world-record on this.

2. The person belonging to other religions, particularly Muslims & Christians have to mail me scan copy of their birth certificates if I feel it is essential, otherwise a simple telephone call as confirmation will do.

3. Person belonging to any other country than India, and if it is not possible for them to call my number as confirmation, has to show his or her face on cam to save, compute, interpret and predict their details.

4. Those who want to challenge this science or my prediction, has to call my number as confirmation call, with that attested copy of scanned Horoscope which a Hindu makes at time of birth. Or birth Certificate. Attestation must be by any first class govt. servant including top-class administrative officers, police officers, judicial officers, state, national or International level leaders, director of any corporate sector business men, and national level to International level editor of any print news-media or TV news-media, or those elite-class whom society considers intellectuals or respectable.

5. I can’t accept a single coin or donation before you believe everything written is correct and you want to donate this could only be possible after my first free prediction and seeing its exactness, for that I refrain to write my account number here.

Gratitude to my Hinduism/Sanatan Dharm, for which could realize God, I am trying to give you a taste to realize Him before we depart to decorate our tiniest planet.

If you will consider our prediction rare-class, then also try to see how many are there in this world who could predict like this with exact month and year of any major events on past, present and future. Later support this Hinduism and those Middle class or general class Hindus who have no meaningless name even, who introduce mathematics and astronomy before 5000+ years, who wrote biggest ever mythological stories before 5000+ years, poems, music, Herbal Medicine, Chanting for healing impacts, introducer of non-violence for which this country could give birth persons like Buddha and other saints, Served entire world even taught 500yrs on Non-violence through Buddha to china and china should realize what India gave it and what it returned back to us. No war against any country, even though Pakistan & Afghan to Bangladesh, belonged to us (they could realize how they had been converted by war or by love and wisdom seeing mirror or reading Real-History books written by other foreigners) and one could see so many pre-historical Hindu monuments or countries using Sanskrit / Hindu words in their countries from Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore. Most amazing aspect of this greatest Religion is that one could see separate font of “OM” in South-America and could see how many Brazilian and Peru people using this Indian font before their name or any article.

In this religion nothing is illogical or fabricated, as they are those intellectuals who gave this world even zero ( 0 ) and one should deeply think, in which type of mental condition and environment, one could get the respect of first philosophers and scientist to introduce everything before thousands of years when there was no History about other countries. Let us research about it more, and salute those general caste people particularly Brahmins for whom this religion and culture were world famous and till the date we could see, how much these general cast people donated for divine purpose seeing Huuuuuge Gold Ornaments in temple even after looted by Muslims or foreign Terrorists/Intruders in the name of war and till date, entire world could not discover a single Hindu Criminal in any country other than few local Hindu criminals in India, by which one could realize how powerful people are damaging this country.

The trend our country is following there will be no Hindu in this Hindustan / India only after 7000 days, and am writing this book for the world to rescue it and give shelter and support to these general caste people before it ends with silent suffering, and start researching its every aspects as am showing facts here in front of all you unknown relatives.

Sankatmochan Mishra
Divine Message
(established on 25th Dec 1994)
Cuttack 753009
Orissa. India
Ph: - 91+9938303263

This blog is about our institution and for personal predictions as examples.

This blog was and is for world prediction.

In this blog we are planning and organizing to write your prediction on any major even right before it occurs..